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"Introduction to Arabic as a Jewish Language" this summer.


Taught by Rabbi Michael Davis

June 12 - August 3 (8 weeks). Twice a week. Mondays and Thursdays, 9:45 - 11am

CST/ 10:45 - 12 noon EST.


This is an introductory language class. Graduates of the course will be able to read Arabic and begin to engage in the world of Arabic-Hebrew cognates and grammatical influences.

As rabbis and rabbinical students of Arabic, you will be trailblazers. This class is not available elsewhere in the Jewish community.

Judaism was definitively formed under the influence of Arabic. There would be no Maimonides, no L’kha Dodi or Adon Olam without Arabic. Our understanding of the Hebrew language itself is Arabic-infused. “Arabic as a Jewish Language” will
equip students with the ability to read Arabic and encounter students with the basics of Arabic grammar. The course stands alone and will also lay the foundation for further Arabic study. “Arabic as a Jewish Language” will engage with the Arabic-Jewish world of the High Middle Ages, from Andalus in the West
to Cairo in the East and beyond.

Cost: $750 for rabbinical students; $150 for auditing students.
Contact: Rabbi Michael Davis,

(847) 529-3572

Rabbi Michael Davis was born in the United Kingdom into an Orthodox family. He grew up in Israel in the National Religious education stream, including in Yeshivat Hesder. He earned his BA in Musicology at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and continued with advanced studies at various academic institutions. He has spoken at universities and other institutions across North America. His work has been displayed at the Art Institute in Chicago. His activism was praised
by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. During the course of his synagogue career Rabbi Davis has worked in Conservative, Reform and Renewal congregations. He has been closely associated with groups within the Reconstructionist movement.
Rabbi Cantor Davis served as an examiner for cantorial ordination at Hebrew Union College. Rabbi Davis was a professor at Hebrew Seminary in Skokie, IL for 13 years.

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