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Shabbat Service

Here is the Congregation Bene Shalom Friday night order of service, so you can follow along with us.  Hebrew transliterations are above the English translations. Click on the link below to view our past services.



Baruch atah Adonai, 

Eloheinu me-lech ha-o-lam

Asher kid-shanu b’-mitz-vo-tav

Vitz-i-vanu l’-had-lik neir

Shel Shabbat.  Amen


Blessed are You, Lord, our God, King of the universe, who has sanctified us with His commandments and commanded us to light the Shabbat candles.

Shalom Aleichem

Shalom a-lei-chem
Mal-a-chei  ha-sha-reit
Mal-a-chei  el-yon,
Mi-me-lech  ma-l’chei  ha-m’la-chim
Ha-ka-dosh  ba-ruch  hu.

Bo-a-chem  l’sha-lom,
Mal-a-chei ha-sha-lom,
Mal-a-chei el-yon,
Mi-me-lech ma-l’-chei  ha-m’la-chim
Ha-ka-dosh  ba-ruch  hu.

Bar’chu-ni  l’sha-lom
Mal-a-chei  ha-sha-lom
Mal-a-chei  el-yon
Mi-me-lech  ma-l’chei  ha-m’la-chim,
Ha-ka-dosh  ba-ruch hu.

Tzei-t’chem  l’sha-lom
Mal-a-chei  ha-sha-lom
Mal-a-chei el-yon
Mi-me-lech  ma-l’chei  ha-m’la-chim,
Ha-ka-dosh  ba-ruch  hu.

We wish you peace     
Angels of the Holy One, praised be He
Come to us in peace, angels of peace,  
Angels of the Holy One praised be He
Bless us with peace, angels of peace,
Angels of the Holy One praised be He
Take your leave in peace, angels of peace, 
Angels of the Holy One praised be He

L'cha Dodi

Le'-cha  do-di  lik-rat  ka-la

Pi-nay  shab-bat  n'-ka-bi-lah

Le'-cha  do-di  lik-rat  ka-la

Pi-nay  shab-bat  n'-ka-bi-lah


Le'-cha do-di,  Le'-cha  do-di  lik-rat  ka-la

Pi-nay  shab-bat  n'-ka-bi-lah

Le'-cha  do-di  lik-rat  ka-la

Pi-nay  shab-bat  n'-ka-bi-lah


Sha-mor  v'-za-chor  b'-di-bur  echad

Hish-mi-ah-nu  ale  ham-yu-chad

A-do-nai  e-chad  u-sh'-mo  e-chad

l' sheim  ul-tif-er-et  v'-lit-hi-lah

Le'-cha do-di,  Le'-cha  do-di  lik-rat  ka-la

Pi-nay  shab-bat  n'-ka-bi-lah

Le'-cha  do-di  lik-rat  ka-la

Pi-nay  shab-bat  n'-ka-bi-lah


Come my beloved friend to greet the bride. Let us welcome the Sabbath.

Protect and remember in one pronouncement, Almighty God called us to attention:

The Lord is One and His name is One, for shame, for glory, and for praise



B'-a-lym  A-do-nai?


Ne-dar  ba-ko-desh,

No-ra   t'-hi-i-lot   o-seh    fe-leh?

No-ra   t'-hi-i-lot   o-she    fe-leh?


Mi-i-cha-mo-cha b'-a-lym A-do-nai?

Mi-i-ka-mo-cha, ne-dar ba-ko-desh,

No-ra t'-hi-i-lot, o-seh fe-leh? 

No-ra t'-hi-i-lot, o-seh fe-leh 


Mal-chut'-cha  ra-u  va-ne-cha,

Zay  Ei-li,  a-nu  v'-am-ru

A-do-nai  yim-loch  l'-o-lam  va-ed

A-do-nai  yim-loch  l'-o-lam  va-ed.


V'ne-emar:  ki  fa-da  

A-do-nai  et  Ya-akov,

Ug'-a-lo  mi-yad  cha-zak  mi-men-u.

Ba-ruch  a-ta,  A-do-nai,  ga-al  Yis-ra-eil.


Who is compared to You among the mighty O Lord?

Who is compared to You, beautiful with holiness?

Awesome in praise, performing wonders

Your children beheld Your power"This is my God they exclaimed" 

And declared:  The Lord will reign forever and ever!"



Hash-ki-vey-nu  A-do-nai, 

El-o-hey-nu  l' sha-lom,

 V'ha-ah-mi-dey-nu  mal-key-nu 


U-fros  a-ley-nu  su-kat  sh-lo-me-cha,

V'-tak-ney-nu  b'ayt-zah  to-vah 



V'-ho-shi-ay-nu, v'-ho-shi-ay-nu,

l'-ma-an sh-mech-a.

V'-ha-gayn   ba-a-ah-dey-nu,  

V'-ha-sayer   may-a-ley-nu, 

o-yeyve  deh-vehr,  

V'-che-rehv,  v'-rah-av,  v'-ya-gon.


U-mey-ah-cha  rey-nu,  u-v'-tzeyl  k'-na-fe-cha  tas-ti-rey-nu.

Ki-eyl  shom-rey-nu 

u-ma-tsi-ley-nu  a-a-tah.

Ki-eyl  me-lech   cha-nun 

v'-ra-chum  a-a-tah.


U-shmor  tsey-tey-nu  u-vo-ey-nu 

l'-chai-yim  ul-sha-lom

Mey  a-tah  v'-ad  o-lam.


Ba-ruch  a-tah  Adonai,  

ha-po-reys  su-kat  sha-lom,  

A-ley-nu,  v'-al  kol  a-mo,  Yis-ra-eil

V'-al  Y'ru-sha-la-yim.



Lord, our God, make us lie down each night in peace

and our King, raise us up again to life.

Spread over us Your peace, and guide us to better ourselves

Through Your good counsel

And deliver us for Your name's sake.

Shield us and remove from us enemies, sickness, war, hunger and sadness.

And from behind us, and in the shadow of Your wings, shelter us.

Because, you are the  Almighty King, gracious and merciful.

Guard our going out and our coming in, 

For life and peace, for now and forever. Spread over us the shelter of Your peace.

Praised are You, Lord, who spreads the shelter of peace over us,

And over His people Israel,

and over Jerusalem.


V'sham-ru  v'-nay  Y'-is-ra-eil  et - ha'-shab-bat, 

La-a-sot  et-ha-shab-bat  

L'-do-ro-tam  b'-rit  o-lam.

Bey-ey-ni  u-vein  b'-nei  Y'-is-ra-eil

O-ot  hi  l'-o-lam,  l'-olam


Ki-shay-shet  ya-mim  a-sah  A-do-nai

Et-ha-sha-mai-yim  v'-et ha-ah-retz

U-va-yom  ha-sha-vi-yi

 Sha-a-vat v'-yi-na-fash.



And the children of Israel shall keep the Sabbath, to preserve the Sabbath for their 

generations as an everlasting covenant between Me and the Children of Israel.

It is a sign for eternity, that in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth,

and on the seventh day

He stopped His work and rested.

Chatzi Kaddish


Yit-ga-dal  v'-yit-ka-dash  sh-mei  rah-bah   (amein)

B'-all-mah  d'-vrah  chi-ru-tei

V'-yam-lich  mal-chu-tay  b'cha-yei-chon  uv'-yo-mei-chon

Uv'-cha-yei  d'-chol  beit  y'-is-ra-eil

Ba-a-gah-lah,  ba-a-gah-lah,  u-viz-man  ko-riv,  v'yim-ru, amein.

Y'hay,  sh-may  rah-bah  m'-vo-rach

L'al-lam  ul-al-may  al-may-ah 



Yit-ba-rach  v'-yish-ta-bach

V'yit-pah-are  v'yit-ro-man  v'-yit-na-say

V'yit-h-dar  v'-yit-ha-leh  v'yit-ha-lal

Sh-may  d'-kud'-shah.    B'-rich  hu

B'-rich  hu  l'-ay-lah  min  kol  bir-cha-tah

V'-shi-rah-tah  tush-b'-cha-tah 


D'-a-mi-rahn  b'-all-mah,   v'yim-ru:  Amein.



Exalted and sanctified be His great Name

In the world which He created according to His will

And may He rule His kingdom in your lifetime and in your days

And in the lifetime of the entire house of Israel

Speedily and in the new future, and we say, Amen.

May His great Name be blessed forever and for all eternity

Blessed and praised. glorified and exalted and inspired,

honored, and raised and extolled be the name of the Blessed One.

Above all the blessings and songs praises and consolations

Which we can say in the world  And we say, Amen



 Yis-m'chu   b'ma-l'chu-t'cha     

Sho-m'rei, sho-m’rei, sho-m’rei, shabbat  v'ko-r'ei  o-neg  shabbat 


A- am-m’-ka-d-shei,  m’-ka-d-shei   sh'vi-i   shabbat 

Ku-lam   yis-b'u      v'yit-an-gu  mi-tu-veh-cha  shabbat 

Yis-m'chu   b'ma-l'chu-t'cha     

Sho-m'rei, sho-m’rei, sho-m’rei, shabbat  v'ko-r'ei  o-neg  shabbat    (2x)


U-vash’vi-i    ra- tzi-ta  bo,   ra- tzi-ta  bo   v'ki-dash-to   shabbat

Chem-dat   ya-mim   o-to    ka-ra-ta,  shabbat


Yis-m'chu   b'ma-l'chu-t'cha     

Sho-m'rei, sho-m’rei, sho-m’rei, shabbat  v'ko-r'ei  o-neg  shabbat    (2x)


Zei-cher   l'ma-a- sei,   l'ma-a- sei   v'rei-sheet  shabbat  (2x)


Yis-m'chu   b'ma-l'chu-t'cha     

Sho-m'rei, sho-m’rei, sho-m’rei,   Shabbat  v'ko-r'ei     o-neg     Shabbat    (2X)



Those who keep the Sabbath, and call it a delight will rejoice in your deliverance.  

All who hallow the seventh day will be gladdened by your goodness.  

This day is Israel’s festival of the spirit, sanctified and blessed by you, 

The most precious of days, a symbol of the joy of creation.

Ana El Na Refanala

I Ask You, God, Please Heal Her Now!


Ana El Na Refa Na La 


O Adonai  Help us renew our faith

Grant us perfect healing 

Bring peace to our days


Ana El Na Refa Na La 


Restore our strength of body

Throughout our days and nights

Refresh our tired spirits  With Your light

Ana El Na Refa Na La 



Mi  she-bei-rach   a-vo-tei-nu, 

 M’-kor   ha-bra-cha   l’-i-mo-tei-nu 

May the source of strength 

Who blessed the ones before us  

Help us to find the courage  

To make our lives a blessing and

Let us say, amen 


Mi  she-bei-rach   a-vo-tei-nu, 

M’-kor   ha-bra-cha   l’a-vo-tei-nu 

Bless those in need of healing

with r’-fu-a  sh’lei-ma

The renewal of body, the renewal of spirit, 

and let us say, amen.   

May the Words

May the words of my mouth,

And the meditations of my heart,

Be acceptable in Thy sight,

Be acceptable in Thy sight.

Lord, my rock,

My rock and my Redeemer.

Lord, my rock,

And Redeemer.  Amen.


Baruch  atah  Adonai,  Eloheinu  vei-lo-hei  a-vo-tei-nu, E-lo-hei  av-ra-ham,  e-lo-hei  Yitz-chak, V’ei-lo  hei  Ya’a-kov,  Ha-eil  ha-ga-dol  ha-gi-bor  v’ha-no-ra  eil el yon    Go-meil  cha-sa-dim  to-vim  v’ko-nei  ha-kol  V’zo-cheir  chas dei  avot       U-mei-vi  g’u-eil  liv’nei  v’nei-hem  l’ma’an 

sh’mo  b’a-ha-vah 

Meh-lech  ozer  u’mo-shi-a  u-ma-gein, Baruch  atah  Adonai, ma-gein  av-ra-ham.  Atah  gi-bor  l’o-lam  Adonai, M’cha-yeh  me  tim  atah  rav  l’ho-shi-ah.  

M’chal-keil  chai-yim  b’che-sed  M’cha-yei  m’tim  b’ra-ha  mim  ra  bim, 

So-meik nof’lim  v’ro-fei  Cho-lim  u-ma-tir  a-su-rim   Um’ka  yeim  a-mun-ato  

li-shei-nei a-far.

Mi-cha-mo-cha  ba’al  gi-vu-rot  U-mi-do  meh-lach  Meh-lech  mei-mit  um  cha-yeh   U-mats  mi-ach  y’shu-ah

A-tah ka-dosh  v’shim-cha ka-dosh  U’ke-do-shim  b’chol  yom  y ha-le-lu-cha se la.  Baruch  atah  Adonai  ha-eil  ha-ka-dosh.


Praised are You, O Lord our God,

the God of our fathers.

God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The almighty, and supreme God who showed kindness, who makes everything, and who remembers

the kindness of our ancestors. 

Our God who will With love,

You sustain the living and

send help to the falling,

healing to the sick. 

You bring freedom to the captive

and keep faith.

With those who sleep in the dust.

Who is like you, Source of mercy? 

In compassion,

You sustain the life of Your children.

We praise You, O God, Source of Life


Ritzei  Adonai  Eloheinu  b’-am’-cha  Yisraeil

U-ti-fi-la-tam  v’-ha sheiv  et- ha-a-vod-ah 

leed-veer bay-techa


U-ti-fi-la-tam  b’-a-ha-vah ti-ka-beil

U-ti-hi  l’-ra-tzon, ta-mid  a-vo-dat  Yisraeil

Ah…….Yisraeil  a-me-cha.

Baruch  atah…….  Adonai 

She-o-t’-cha  l’-va-d’-cha  b’-yir-ah-na  a-vod,  b’-yir-ah-na  a-vod


Modeem  a-nach-nu  lach    

She-a-tah hu Adonai Eloheinu


L’-o-lam  va-ed  tsur-cha-yey-nu  ma-geyn-yish-eh-nu.

A-tah-who  li-dor  va-dor.
No-deh  li-cha-oo-ni-sa-pear  


All chai-ey-nu  ha-mi  su-reem    

B’-ya-dech-a  v’all-nish-mo-tey-nu  

Hap’-ku-dote   lach  v’-all  nee-sech-a  

She-bi-chol  yom-ee-ma-nu  vi--all 

She-bi-chol  et-erev  va-vo-ker 
vi-tso  ho-ra-yeem.

Ha-tov,  ha-tov  Key lo-cha-lu 

Ha-tov,  ha-tov  Key lo-cha-lu 

Vi-ha-mi-ra-cheym  key-lo-ta-mu 
Cha-sa-de-cha  mey-o-lam,

Mey-o-lam,    kee-vee-nu-lach.


Look with favor, O Lord upon us, and may our service be acceptable to you.  Praised are You, Lord, whom alone we serve.

We are grateful that You are our support and salvation.  

We worship and give praise to
You alone, O God. 

We thank you, O God,
for the blessing of liberty 

And righteous ideals our nation cherishes. 

Protect and let our nation prosper,
and let the 

New Year bring security
and abundance to all.  

Praised be you, O Lord, from whom all goodness comes and thanks are due.

Shalom Rav

 Shalom Rav al Yisraeil  am-cha  ta  sim  l’-o-lam

Shalom Rav al Yisraeil  am-cha  ta  sim  l’-o-lam

Ki  a-tah  hu  me-lech  a-don

L’chol  ha-sha-lom

Ki  a-tah  hu  me-lech  a-don

L’chol  ha-sha-lom


Shalom Rav al Yisraeil  am-cha  ta  sim  l’-o-lam

Shalom Rav al Yisraeil  am-cha  ta  sim  l’-o-lam

Vi-tov  bi-ey-ne-cha  et  am-cha  Yisraeil

B’-chol  eit  u-v’-chol  sha-ah 



Shalom Rav al Yisraeil  am-cha  ta  sim  l’-o-lam

Shalom Rav al Yisraeil  am-cha  ta  sim  l’-o-lam

Ta-sim  l’-o-lam   Ta-sim  l’-o-lam 

Ta-sim  l’-o-lam


Grant abundant peace over Israel, Your people, forever. For You are the sovereign source of all peace. So may it be good in Your eyes to bless Your people Israel in every hour and in every season with Your peace. Blessed are You, Adonai, who blesses His people Israel with peace.

Let There Be Peace

Let there be peace on Earth 
And let it begin with me

Let there be peace on Earth

The peace that was meant to be

With God as our Mother 
Family all are we

Let me walk with my family

In perfect harmony


Let peace begin with me 
Let this be the moment now

With every step I take

Let this be my solemn vow:

To take each moment

And live each moment in peace eternally

Let there be peace on Earth 
And let it begin with me

Ki Mitzion

Ki  mit-zi-yon  tei-tzei  to-rah

Ki  mit-zi-yon  tei-tzei  to-rah

U-d’-var  Adonai  me-y’ru-sha-lay-im


Ba-ruch  she-na-tan  to-rah, to-rah

Ba-ruch  she-na-tan  to-rah, to-rah

L’-a-mo  Yisraeil  bi’-k’-du-sha-to


Out of Zion shall come the Torah,
and the word of the Lord out of Jerusalem.

Torah teaches us love, justice, goodness, hope and freedom.

Y'israel V’oraita

Yisraeil, Yisraeil, v’oraita chad hu

Yisraeil, Yisraeil, v’oraita chad hu

Torah aura, Torah aura hallelujah

Torah aura, Torah aura hallelujah


Israel and Torah and the Blessed are one. The Torah is light, Halleluyah


Etz   chay-im  hee   la  ma-cha-zi-kim  ba 

V’-to  me’-che-cha  m’-u-shar  


Dar- chei  no-am

V’-chol  n’-ti-vo-tey-ha  sha-lom


Ha-she-e-vey-nu  Adonai

Ay-le-cha  v’-na-shu-vah

Cha-daysh  cha-daysh  yo-mey-nu

Cha-daysh  yo-mey-nu,  k’-keh-dem


It is a tree of life to all those who hold it fast, and find happiness. 

Its ways are of pleasantness and
all its paths are peace.

Help us return to You, O God;
then truly we shall return.  

Renew our days as in the past.

23rd Psalm

The Lord is my shepherd, 

I shall not want

He maketh me to lie down
in green pastures

He leadeth me beside the still waters

He restoreth my soul

He guideth me in straight paths
for his name sake

Yea, though I walk through
the Valley of Death

I shall fear no evil, 

for Thou art with me

Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me

Thou preparest a table before me 

In the presence of mine enemies

Thou hast anointed my head with oil, 

my cup runneth over

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me

All the days of my life,

And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord

Forevermore, forevermore

Mizmor L’David

Miz-mor  l’david Adonai  ro-i  lo  ech-sar

Bin’ot  de-she h yar-bitz-ei-ni   Al  mei  m’nu-chot  y’na-ha-lei-ni

Naf-shi  y’sho-vev

Yan-chei-ni  b’mag’lei  tze-dek

L’ma’an  sh-mo  gam  ki  e-lech

b-gei   tzal-ma-vet

lo   ira   ra   ki   ata  I-ma-di

shivt’cha   u-mish-an-te-cha

hei-mah   y’nach-a-mu-ni

ta-a-roch   l-fa-nai   shul-chan  

ne-ged   tzor-rai

di-shan-ta   va-sher-men   ra-shi

ko-si   r’va-ya

ach tov   va-che-sed   yird-fu-ni

kol   y-mei   cha-yai     v’shav-ti   b’veit   ha-shem      l’o-rech   ya-mim

Oseh Shalom

Oseh  shalom  bim  ro-mav

Hu  ya-seh  shalom  alei-nu 

V’-ya chol  Yisrael, v’im-ru 
v’im-ru  a-mein


Ya-seh  shalom,  Ya-seh shalom,   
Shalom  aleinu    V’-ya chol  Yisrael

Ya-seh  shalom,  Ya-seh shalom,   
Shalom  aleinu    V’-ya chol  Yisrael


May God who makes peace in the heavens

May God make peace for us
and for all people Israel  
Let us say:


Ein Keloheinu

Ein ke-lo-hei-nu Ein Ka-do-nei-nu
Ein k'mal-kei-nu Ein k'mo-shi-ei-nu
Mi che-lo-hei-nu Mi cha-do-nei-nu
Mi che-mal-kei-nu Mi ch'mo-shi-ei-nu
No-deh le-lo-hei-nu No-deh la-do-nei-nu
No-deh l'mal-kei-nu
No-deh l'mo-shi-ei-nu
Ba-ruch e-lo-hei-nu Ba-ruch a-do-nei-nu
Ba-ruch mal-kei-nu Ba-ruch mo-shi-ei-nu
A-tah hu e-lo-hei-nu A-tah hu a-do-nei-nu
A-ta hu mal-kei-nu A-tah hu mo-shi-ei-nu
A-tah hu she-hik-ti-ru a-vo-tei-nu 
l'fa-nei-cha et kto-ret ha-sa mim. 


There is none like our God,

there is none like our lord,
There is none like our king,

there is none like our savior. 

Who is like our God, who is like our lord,
Who is like our king,

who is like our savior. 
Let us thank our God, let us thank our lord,
Let us thank our king,

Let us thank our savior. 

Blessed be our God, blessed be our Lord,
Blessed be our king, blessed be our savior.
Thou art our God, thou art our Lord,
Thou art our king, thou art our savior.
Thou art the one before whom our fathers 
offered the spice offering. 

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